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Soon to come: your digital associates - your Generative AI bros!

Bald erhältlich: Deine digitalen Mitarbeiter - deine Generative KI-Kumpels!

What is this?

We're a staffing agency that offers digital associates - AI bros. Our digital associates are powered by different Generative AI (GenAI) models. They come with different skill sets, depending on your business domain. With each of them you can chat and make voice or video calls with. They'll assist you in your daily work routine. Schedule and include them in your meetings, let them answer questions, delegate tasks to them or let one just listen to summerize your meetings; yes, and later they will also be able to watch and collaborate with what you're screen sharing. Just imagine these bros as being regular colleagues of yours.

How does it work?

Your GenAI associate has it's own user account with it's own name, voice and face; all of it customizable. You can contact it like you contact your regular colleagues that are in homeoffice - email, chat, call. Let's say you use Microsoft MS Teams. Write your GenAI associate and ask it for some code example - done. Video call it and ask for some advice - sure. Schedule a meeting with it and your other colleagues and ask it to take protocol - of course.

What to expect?

Be aware, we're only at the dawn of a new technology. Its recent development resulted in impressive and very useful bots, sure. Nevertheless, they're far from being perfect (yet ;-)). Of course we'll continuously use the latest, state-of-the-art models. But, it can still happen that the underlying AI models have wrong ideas (aka. hallucinate) or that they are simply wrong, just like real people. So, stay curious but stay sceptical, just as with real life people you've just met. Best if you go into a dialog and iterate to your result that your striving for. Try it out, experience it by yourself.


At first, we're using tech from US companies like Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure and the AI models from OpenAI. The generated output based on training data that may include copyright is a tricky thing. As the public accessibility of this technology is still quite young the legal copyright framework is still under evaluation (status October 2023). Most likely, the handling of this will vary from country to country. All if this takes time in parallel to the competetive race that has alredy begun. The data privacy will be contractually arranged, none of your confident data will be used as input to train the models. This will soon be extended with the option to use Open Source models instead that are also hosted at EU infrastructure. Later in time, this will be deployed on application servers that you can even include in your company IT, having everything inside your network on-premise.


The digital transformation is irreversible, and AI employees are a part of our future. We advocate for an ethical approach by offering AI staff at fair rates that align with current minimum wage laws. In doing so, we minimize job displacement while providing you the benefits of digital efficiency without hidden costs.

What does it cost?

The basic GenAI associate with no particular expert know-how will cost you the same as a real associate with minimal wage in your country. The rate, or salary, so to say, will be bound and adopt to the salary level of respective real associates. But, it'll never rest, never make pauses, never be sick or never be late. Please note, typical country specific terms of termination apply. For example, in Germany, during the first 6 months trial period the notice period is 4 weeks to the 15th or end of the month. After 6 months, 1 month to the end of the month, after 2 years, 2 months to the end of the month and so on to increase accordingly. Later, we're going to offer expert GenAI associates with particular expertise trained GenAI models, e.g., personal assistant, SW developer, HW engineer, data analyst, project manager, etc.. Also, we'll offer special models that you can link to your internal data, e.g., wikis, emails, data storage (PDFs, documents, ...) and even screen shared data. Other rates will apply, always aligned to corresponding typical salary levels of real associates.

What's the difference to all these chatbots, copilots and such?

Basically, a mAIbro is a bot, too. But, with not only chat but also voice and video interfaces. Consider it to be a digital associate - a bro - that you can contact. Not a plugin of some particular tool that you need a license for each installation or user, respectively.

When can I try it out?

Soon(TM). No, seriously, really soon, within Q1 2024. We're finishing up the first protoype. If you already want to get in touch with us right now, to have a first demo, become a customer, an investor or a business angle, just contact us.

Who are you?

Our business model targets personnel placement, but with a digital twist: Instead of human employees, we broker digital assistants. We're a German start-up with decades of work experience in IT and SW tech. Lastly, in management positions of a (really) big German company. So, Germany sterotypes are kinda included in our genes: Punctuality: Germans are so punctual, their trains complain if they're a second late. Efficiency: If you're not efficient, are you even German? Beer: Think of it as the sixth food group in the German dietary pyramid. Sausages: Wurst-case scenario is actually a good thing here. Directness: Why beat around the bush when you can trample it? Love for Rules: Rules are the spice of life, or so they say in Germany. Engineering: If it's not German-engineered, is it even engineered? Seriousness: Germans are often thought of as lacking a sense of humor, which is, of course, a very serious misunderstanding. Cars: The Autobahn is Germany's version of The Fast and the Furious, just without Vin Diesel. Soccer: It's not just a game; it's a matter of national identity.

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